Sunday, October 25, 2009

New Model Recruit-My Precious Model Group

My Precious Model Group is a revised model group of My Precious by Agnes Finney. It conducts fashion shows for My Precious and Entre Mares Designs. It is also fully supported by Alienbear’s Design, one of the top jewelry designers in SL.

3. How to join as a My Precious Model (MP Model)? (1) Join as a member either in-world group(Group space needed) or Subscribe-o-matic group (No group space is needed) Both group joiners are available at the mainstore.

(2) Submit a FOLDER including THREE pictures (512 x 512) with full permissions: Picture 1: Close-upPicture 2: Full body snapshot in any gowns of My Precious Picture 3: Full body snapshot in any cocktail dresses/ casual items of My PreciousSend the folder to Agnes Finney. Rename the folder as “Model Search + your full name”

(3) We will add you to ‘My Precious Contest Group’ for announcements. Please spare a group space for this. You could delete the group when the event is finished.

(4) A notecard about the casting will be given to you when we receive your folder.

(5) You need to send us a reply about the time you are available.

3. CastingWe would like to see the real shape of you and how you style up with our outfits, so a casting with different time slots will be conducted. We expect that you are able to do catwalk and pose nicely. Details will be given on a separate notecard.

4. Contact: Agnes Finney directly with a notecard with title. ‘New Note’ notecards will be discarded.