Monday, October 26, 2009

Alienbear x Agnes--It's the thought that counts

I'll have to express my gratitude wholeheartedly to Alienbear and Mui on behalf of My Precious Princesses. Ali was being so nice and generous that she devoted her time to make this lovely necklace for all our members for our October fashion show. Mui, being the CMO of Alienbear's Design and a friend of mine, helped advertise the event which was a very successful one. What they have done are really a surprise to me. (Oh I have to give special thanks to Amutey DeCuir who is a very busy lady but was able to join our show. :D)

Alienbear takes the initiates 'A' of our first names , Alienbear and Agnes , and created this necklace. "It's the thought that counts." This little necklace means so much to me and I hope all our you who have got it will cherish it like me. It will only be available at our fashion shows.