Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fanciness at My Precious

More great hats to challenge your styling competence at My Precious. As you know, we chose butterflies and flowers as our mascots. You can see them everywhere in our store. Haven't you thought of being surrounded by a flock of fancy butterflies and a bunch of flowers?

Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Precious Hats--Eileen

Eileen hat is a great complement to your cocktail dresses, holiday dresses and even a couture gown. Show off your taste and check out the hat in the mainstore today :)

Vivienne Black Couture Gowns@ My Precious

Once again spoil yourself by getting such a gorgeous lace collection--Vivienne BLACK. It is definitely a collection which allows you to shine in every occasion. To buy as gift, you're advised to use the Gift Vendor in the store or simply register on Xstreet and enjoy some lag-free shopping time. Click HERE for a TP to see more.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

For the classy--Vivienne

The elegance of old Hollywood is now at My Precious in Vivienne. From the ruffles and roses of the silk organza boa that wraps the shoulders in a bit of heaven to the tip of the train, you’ll feel like Vivienne Leah or Rita Haywood. The intricate lace design of the bodice makes a statement of elegance worthy of more than a mere passing glance.

Expect to be the center of attention in this gown that bares enough to be daring but covers enough to ensure your modesty. The waistline of the skirt dips in a V in front and back and rises in an inverted V on the sides for a most intriguing view.

The Vivienne is available in a shorter cocktail version and a longer version for formal occasions, but you’ll want to get the complete box for the most options. It’s just mah-velous.
(Writeup by Xenobia Foxclaw)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mid-summer August Show + little tulip dress

Enjoy a nice morning and evening with us @ My Precious Runway. We are honored to present to you some of our new releases and beautiful accessories including Alienbear's jewelry and Stiletto Moody's shoes. Visitors can get a special dress - Little Tulip. The dress will only be available til 6p.m. today after the show. :) Enjoy!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Maria Satin Gown from My Precious

All of you might have known that I love red. And after some black and white, this week, I'm presenting this Maria collection to you.

This strapless gown features a detailed satin top and various skirting. The roses attract people's eyes to your beautiful shoulder. Besides the coctail dress and the full skirt, a special skirt with soft laces at the front of the gown has been created to reveal your beautiful legs. Alienbear's Felicitas jewelry set would be a good choice to coordinate the collection. The Maria collection will surely win lots of wows for you. Click HERE for a TP. :)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Dare to show-Narcisse

Take a bit of sheer fabric and throw in a few bits of lace. Add three options for the bodice—sleeveless, three-quarters length, or full length—two of which can be worn with or without ruffles. Toss in two skirt options—one long and one cocktail length. Stir a bit and add that secret ingredient that only Agnes Finney knows and voila, you have Narcisse. The newest gown from My Precious, and the most daring gown she has designed. It’s daringly delicious—yum.
Click here for a TP.

Friday, August 6, 2010

An unforgettable moment

I enjoy working with different artists. This is the first time we have Julie to do this ad for us. I love the pink and white and butterflies and flowers. She nicely presents to you the elegance of our gown.
Special thanks to Janina Scarmon, My Precious Queen 2010 for modelling and Mui Mukerji being the style consultant.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Platinum Hunt @ My Precoius from 8 August

Together with 99 designers, we'd like to invite you to join this Platinum Hunt for excellent quality stuff. The hunt will be done throughout August starting from 8 August. Here is the official sign and the hunt gift from us. :)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Official announcement of New Membership Policy

As all of you know, we value our customers and have created different member-benefits for them since My Precious was born. As announced in mid-July, starting from August, we have an entirely new membership policy hoping to suit different needs and giving you more enjoyable experience at My Precious.

We understand each of your group space is limited, so we set up 'My Precoius Updates Group'. It does not take any group space and still keeps you informed about news at My Precious. You'll get monthly member-exclusive dresses and news of discounts, events and shows.

For any supporters who are willing to reserve a space for us, we have established a My Precious VIP Group (Title: Agnes Finney - To My Precious). Members will keep posted about happenings at My Precious and special dress and MORE benefits than Update Group members will be offered. Enrolment fee will be required in order to join this group.

Details are available at the mainstore. We may revise and update the details for your benefits at any time. If there are any consistency issues, the in-world version prevails.

Please contact Will Finney by notecard for queries about the store policy.

Dresses for our VIPs. More will be added:

Sunday, August 1, 2010

My Precious is in bloom - August dresses have arrived!

Finally! I have had such a busy July and finally finished the August dresses for you. Beautiful floral print dresses are always eye-catching in summer. I hope this violet one adds a little more elegance and with the ruffle scarf, you're ready for every occasion. Check out our mainstore for these two lovely dresses. Members are always given the privileges getting the dresses with discount. Join us as our Update group member or VIP member :)

Starting from August, we are going to open our Flick photostream "My Precious Memories by Agnes Finney" to the public. We hope to provide a platform for our members to share the greatest moments in your SL life. If you have a Flickr account, feel free to upload your pictures onto the group. Details of group rules can be found HERE. You're free to choose any accessories to match with our dresses. If your pictures are selected, gift cards of total value of 1000L will be given to you. And your picture will be featured in our store blog. :)