Friday, October 2, 2009

My Precious Royal Princess (September)

This was really impressive. We had a lot of quality entries for September. These girls have set very good examples for girls who are interested in the October selection. All of us appreciated their participation to our event. We have invited Jesika of Avenue Inc. and designer of Entre Mares to be part of the judge panel. Here are the results:
1. Lorrie Paine (Royal Princess of September)

2. Jenie Jennings (2nd place)
3. Annamaria Manatiso (3rd place).
These ladies are selected as our in-store models in September and they are listed in alphabetical order as follows: 4. Arialee Miles 5. Coco Sand 6. Jasmine Loening 7. Lillie Bouscario 8. Lorelei Maggs 9. Naiya Kazyanenko 10. Ossia Xevion 11. Riley Popstar 12. Tender Amaterasu.

We look forward to more great pictures like them in October.