Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sexy Belladonna

My new design to the Queen collection. How can he resist looking at you when you're wearing this Belladonna, princesses? Its cutting reveals the your lovely curves and pretty legs. With a dramatic hair style, it can be worn as a gothic dress too.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

You're the Butterfly Queen

One of the most gorgeous gowns at My Precious. Nice detailed gown with lace which adds some elegance to it. The butterfly ribbon creates the fantasy. :-) Come check it out yourself.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

My Precious Queen 2009 Contest (updates)

Great news! Avenue has agreed to feature our My Precious Queen Event and Alienbear’s Design has joined us as our Queen jewelry provider. Just to make it more fun for you, we are going to award more ladies each month. In order to be a contestant for My Precious Queen 2009, you have to win as My Precious Royal Princess (September, October, November and December) first. Please read both Part 1 and 2.

Part 1 Selection of My Precious Queen 2009

After the December Royal Princess has been selected, we’ll invite all the Royal princesses to the coronation ceremony. The judge panel will judge who is qualified to be the My Precious Queen. It is to be held in January. Further details will be announced.

Winner of My Precious Queen will get:
--a tag of My Precious Queen 2009
--a specially designed crown by our Queen Jewelry Provider, Alienbear's Designs
--20, 000L Cash prize
--5000L Gift Card
--a special design named after her
--Cover page of Avenue Magazine and Enrollment to Avenue Academy
--Sponsored gfit from Amacci and Entre Mares Design.

b) 2nd place: 2000L Gift card+6000L Cash Prizec) 3rd Place: 1000L Gift Card+4000L Cash Prize
Prizes will be increased if more people are joining.

Selection Procedures:
1. By 28th of September, October, November, we'll select 12 lovely girls from the entries.
2. Of these 12 girls, we'll award the winner, 2nd place and 3rd place.
3. The winner will be given the MP Royal Princess (September / October ...December)
4. After the December Royal Princess is selected, further details will be announced.

Part 2 What you need to do?
Selection of My Precious Royal Princess (September, October, November and December):
1. You need to make purchases of My Precious designs after September 1 (Purchases made before 1 September will not be counted). Dollarbies and free gifts will not be counted.
2. Send us a folder with two pictures: a close-up shot and a full body shot. Write a title “MP Royal Princess (month)+your full name”. Notecards with pictures will be ignored. Please be careful. Quality of the picture is important. It has to present the outfit and yourself as a princess. Touch-up with photoshop is acceptable. :-)

3. Send the folder to Agnes Finney. It will be nice to notify by IM about the submission. The deadline for MP Royal Princess (September, October, November and December) is 28th of these months.

4. Announcement will be made by group notice and our blog. Therefore it is important if you stay in the group for updates.
Awards and PrizesTwelve girls will be selected from the entries of each month. They will be awarded a 200L gift card and a chance to be our in-store model for a week. Potential models will be invited to the My Precious model group.
Among the twelve girls, we will give extra prizes to the winner and she will win:
-- a tag of MP Royal Princess
--a 2000L Gift Card + 2000L Cash Prize
-- a photo display in the mainstore throughout the year
-- Sponsored gift from Amacci

b) 2nd place -- a 1000L Gift Card + 1000L Cash Prize
c) 3rd Place--a 500L Gift Card + 500L Cash Prize

My Precious @ GLANCE--International Fashion Day

My Precious is having its own fashion show at the International Fashion Day planned by GLANCE International Agency in association with (read by +15,000 unique visitors!) Read more on

Godiva-My Precious September Dollarbie

New dollarbie for you in September. Get your friend to pick one too. Don't forget to wear your group tag. :-)