Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Precious x Alienbear's Happy Halloooooween.

Presenting here is OUR new release for Halloween 2009: Fairy Princess dress and Sirvart Collection. Yes! Halloween doesn't have to be scary with lots of blood. This fairy dress is designed for you who want to be a little sweet and legendary this Halloween. It comes with purple, black, green, red and blue. Prefectly matched with Alienbear's Sivart collection. The removable spider and net offer you more options when dressing up that day. I hope you will find them both creative and pretty.

Just a few words about Alienbear. This is the second time I cooperated with Alienbear. She is a truly great person and talented designer which has influenced me to better my work and enjoy the creativeness of SL. In our language we have a phrase which best describes her: 不吃人間煙火. LOL