Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Precious Not Forgetting 10L Dress & August Princess Selection

Photograph by Agnes Finney

Come check out this summer goodie at My Precious. The hat is sold seperately in our newly opened area (Agnes Finney 157, 109, 25).  The dress is available for non-VIPs for limited time. Grab the dress instantly.

Click here to teleport:
My Precious Mainstore
Marketplace Store


Not to forget our August Princess Selection. If you want to be our representative for winter 2011- summer 2012, send us your entries before 12 August midnight. :) More details can be found at the landing spot of our mainstore.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Precious Summer Model Search

My Precious is one of the renowned fashion stores in SL. It is now recruiting new blood to the elite model group. Being our elite model, you get an opportunity presenting designs by My Precious by Agnes Finney and other designers.

Contact Person: Agnes Finney (notecard please)
You could send us an application if you :
--are serious about modelling and active
--are confident that you are able to study notecards carefully and follow instructions
--have good attitudes and are willing to keep improving on styling and posing and your look
--flexible schedule (our rehearsal and show time usually begin at 4 or 5p.m.)
--Entries should be submitted to Agnes Finney by 12 August midnight.
--Casting will be held on 19 August, Friday 6:30p.m.

More details are now available at the mainstore.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Beloved Peonies Headpiece by My Precious

A new collection of headpiece: Beloved has just been released on the 2/F of My Precious Mainstore. There are 5 different colors for your styling needs.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Hightlights of My Precious Memories (1)

  ❤ Agnes Finney Presents ❤
Summer 2011:::
Celebrate the best moments of My Precious with their Summer 2011 My Precious Memories Book.
Take an intimate look behind the scenes of one of Second Life's® most recognizable and established brands.  Learn of the experiences and dreams that Agnes Finney shares about not only her company, but herself as well. Get to know the MP Summer Queen 2011, Elle Ahren, Anna Sapphire (1st Runner-up), Kaidence Piancastellios (2nd Runner-up), and much more.
From amazing fashions, photography, and stories, this book is the perfect way to capture the precious moments created over the years with Agnes.

Click the cover for the link to the online issue: 

Skip Staheli is one of the invited photographers to show his artwork in My Precious Moments.

Agnes Finney has included some of her specially made fashion photographs as well.

Press release prepared by Augusta Carver

Friday, July 22, 2011

MY Precious July Fashion Show Announcement!

The My Precious Fashion House announces it's July Fashion Show! Join in on the fun this Saturday, July 23, 2011 at 5P.M. SLT.

Come see the best in elegant and glamorous My Precious fashion with shimmery jewels provided by Alienbear Designs in a show you will not easily forget!

WHERE: My Precious Grand Runway TP

Breathtaking! My Precious Preciousness

Thank you Eira for this wonderful artwork. She captured the beauty of the gown and of course, Xandrah Sciavo too. It holds my breath everytime I look at it. Love it. :)
Click the following to:

The artwork is featured in Modavia Fashion Directory - Edition 20

Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Precious Winter Queen Contest: July Selection

The following ladies have been selected to be the July finalists. They will receive a gift card of 1000L and a speically made finalist jewelry from Alienbear's. Also, they will get a feature in AVENUE Magazine in the coming issue. Let's find out more about them (Click the picture for better details)

Details of our contest can be found at the landing spot of our MAINSTORE.

Amita Yorcliffe is modelling our Queen of Lace and Alienbear's jewelry, mimmi and hairpiece - Bauhinia Blakeana. The photo is done by Julie Hastings.

To be chosen as a MP Queen finalist and able to represent the brand was my first dream in Second Life. That dream introduced me to SL fashion industry and I decided to be a model to show my appreciation of a great creativity to all talented designers on SL. Since then, I strive to be better and working my way out to be the best in what I love. I am very passionate with my modeling career on SL and giving up is never been listed in my book. I will keep on learning, experiencing and accepting critiques from other people to make me a better person. 

2. Luna Enderfield
Luna is modelling one of our latest desgins, Queen Viola (Pink). She matches it with Silvester set white. The photo is done by Falbala Fairey.

I consider myself a person who likes to dress well, Glamorous, chic and always with a modern look.  I think I have the ability to inspire other girls to wear what I'm wearing, because I always worry about to give my personal touch to every outfit. What I enjoy most about to dress and look good ... Is when people ask me.."Where you bought that dress?"  **that's the best compliment for me** :)

3. Herlijk Resident
She is modelling our Butterfly Empress. The jewelry she is using is Aphrodite Earrings & Necklace by Alienbear. The picture is done by Emily Cambric.

 Open minded, logical, passionate, dedicated, smart when It comes to out of the box questions, apprehensive, humorous when need be, serious when need be, optimistic, naive at times, loving heart and basically myself.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Agnes Finney & Julie Hastings

Thanks Julie Hastings for this nice snapshot for me. It was sort of an interesting experience modelling for others. LOL. Love the bouquet tattoo.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Precious: Gown for Queens---Queen Elle Ahren

This beautiful queen gown is named after our summer contest winner, Elle Ahren. Adorned with detailed ruffles on the sleeves and the strapless top, this is not anything you have seen before. It's a dream gown for those who fancy a classic and timeless dress. Just to add more elegance and royal feel, you should not miss the Vera Vanessa jewelry set which is designed for our Queen.

Friday, July 15, 2011

My Precious Summer Queen Featured in AVENUE

My Precious Summer Queen, Elle Ahren has just been featured on the cover of the July Issue in AVENUE Magazine. She is showcasing the Queen Elle gown designed by Agnes Finney. Julie Hastings, the photographer, does a great job hightlighting the elegance Alienbear's Queen jewelry, Vera Vanessa Collection.

It is followed by the interviews by our previous queen Xandrah Sciavo and a fashion spread photographed by Brie Wonder. Thank you everyone for the great work.

My Precious Mainstore & Marketplace store

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Precious New Ariel Couture Headpiece

Ariel headpiece is adorned with three romantic roses with little butterflies laying around. The little feathers seated among the roses making the headpiece more charming. It is perfect for stylists and couture-lover.

Check out the lovely hats at My Precious Mainstore , 2/F or marketplace store.

Monday, July 11, 2011

My Precious: Ariel Couture Gown

The deep heady essence of champagne is captured in Agnes' latest creation Ariel Champagne. The gown unfurls like a delicate flower with the lovely frills across the top and the skirt. The lovely embroidery work on the fitting top serving as a brilliant contrast. You will feel like a queen and look like an empress in this timeless and elegant design. Wear it with the hat to be ascot ready in no time.

Ariel Couture gown comes in other colors too: Lavender, royal green and red. Check it our mainstore or marketplace store today :) (Text by Purr Foxclaw)

My Precious VIP enrolment free until 16 July

Great news for everyone. We are now offering a week's free VIP group enrolment. If you want to enjoy discounts on new releases, member-exclusive discount items. Do not miss the opportunity now.

How to join?

Visit our mainstore. There is a pink sign with a GOLD prim. Click the GOLD prim for a menu. Choose 'SL group' (=VIP group).

Below is our latest VIP discount dress. It's 10L only.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Precious Couture Hats: Reborn

Great headpieces for stylists at My Precious. Check it out for yourself. :)

Mainstore 2/F & marketplace store

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Precious: Romantic Queen Viola Gown

Beautifully crafted is this Queen Viola see-through gown. The exquisite strapless gown features elegant lace bodice. Picture yourself embraced by soft layers of ruffles with romantic rose border prints. You will love this head-turner collection.
Mainstore & marketplace store