Saturday, October 31, 2009

Announcement of October Royal Princess Selection

We got a bunch of pretty pictures for the October Princess selection. It was really a challenge for us to select a winner. Finally, we came up with the decisions here :

Annamaria Manatiso (Royal Princess of October, a contestant for My Precious Queen contest)
Tender Amaterasu (2nd place)
Jenie Jennings (3rd place)

These ladies are listed in alphabetical order 4. Emeraldeyes honi5. Haidyn Inglewood6. Hannah Naimarc7. Isabella wikifoo8. Jasmine Loening9. Kayden Piers10. Leandra Breen11. Mercedes Mfume12. Ophelia Caendow13. Qween Rayna14. Serene Faith15. Skye Rebane16. Vitality Lollipop

Thank you very much again for your participation.


2nd place

3rd place