Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Precious Queen Contest winner: Xandrah Sciavo

This was such a memorable day for all: Xandrah Sciavo, the new queen was born on the 18th December. It took place at a grand stage sponsored by AVENUE. In June 2010, Xandrah made her first attempt joining the June Princess Selection. As a new contest participant, She has caught our eyes with the pictures she took on her own and got selected.

The Queen Finale was a tough selection in which there were lots of keen competitors. Her charm, styling talent and passion for fashion have made her a shining star in the eye of the judges. Finally, she won the title of My Precious Queen 2011. Genevieve Kamala and Cieleste Magic were placed as the 1st runner up and 2nd runner up respectively.

Winning as My Precious Queen 2011, she will be awarded cash prize of 30,000L and gift cards of 20,000L value. The queen gown has been named after her. She also received My Precious Queen Crown and jewelry set by Alienbear's Design and gifts from other sponsors. She and the runner-up winners will be featured in a special Queen Editorial by AVENUE Magazine.

During her reign, she will represent our store and be exposed to different well-known SL publications. She will also host the Queen Blog and share her life as a Queen with you. Congratuations again to Xandrah Sciavo. :)