Sunday, December 5, 2010

A memorial gown for My Precious Queen 2010

December is a special month for everyone who knows My Precious. We have been here with everyone for nearly 3 years soon. We have witnessed a lot of changes in SL and changes in everyone as well. Thanks for the challenges which help us grow. We are also thankful to those who have been supporting. Without your encouragement, we cannot get what we have now. In the coming year, we hope that you can see more improvements in My Precious. I made this special anniversary version to celebrate this special year. Hope that you like it.

Special thanks to our MP Queen, Janina Scarmon, who has stayed elegant and supportive to My Precious throughout her reign.

While we are awaiting the birthday of My Precious, we are looking forward to the birth of the second Queen. The Grand Final will be held at AVENUE on 18th December. Come support our finalists who have put so much effort in the event. We'll keep you updated about the big event. :)