Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Precious September Princesses

Here are the winners of September:
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Gown: Preciousness + Serene Romance
Hat: Liberty by Agnes Finney
Jewelry by Alienbear
Photograph by Falbala Fairey
I am a hard working model who listens to directions well and is laid back and easy going. I like to let the outfit I wear shine through and let all the details put in it show. I have been a fan of my precious since I began Second Life and it remains my most favorite dress shop.

Gown: Ariel by Agnes Finney
Hat: Reborn by Agnes Finney
Jewelry: Ambroisa Pearl Set by Alienbear
Photograph by Pam Astonia

I have been modeling in SL for 2.5 years and love the creativity that goes into the wonderful designs you find in SL.  I also have been teaching modeling in SL for a good bit and coaching people and find that very rewarding especially when I see my students go on the be stars.  I am a painter in RL so I really love to mix and match and come up with my own unique look.  I have been a fan of the designs at Agnes Finney a long time and have many of the dresses from here in my inventory. 

Gown: Lorena (Special) by Agnes FinneyJewelry by Alienbear
Photograph by Falbala Fairey

She is a model, photographer and fashion writer and co-owns Rusalka Designs & Photography with her partner, Felsputzer Lowtide. She is a graduate of Miss Virtual World Academy and EVANE Academy nd is currently represented by BLVD, Opium, Solo EVANE, O Glam, Passion and Avante model agencies.