Monday, April 18, 2011

Agnes Finney_A breathtaking artwork

I love this beautifully done artwork by Magissa Denver. Thanks for the work. :) The oriental background and choice of colors have brought the elegance from this Silence gown. This is going to be our fashion ad inAVENUE's May Issue. Featured model: Xandrah Sciavo, My Precious Queen 2011.

16 pretty girls have already been selected from January to April namely, Caroline Mosely Annough Lykin, Kaidence Piancastellios, Aloma luik, Anna Sapphire, Veronica krasner, Elle Ahren, Caoimhe Lionheart, CottonCandy Teadrop, Vivienne Coppola, Eliza Mint, Sabine Mortenwold.

One more month to go ladies. Send us your entries for the May Princess Selection. Winner of the question will be awarded the Queen title and be exposed to different publications :) Come get the details in the mainstore :)