Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Precious Queen (Summer) March Princess- Caoimhe Lionheart

Styling details: Dress: Agnes Finney's Butterfly in Love gown

Jewelry: Alienbear Feng Huang

Photographer: Barney Roundel

I do not often enter contests to win, I enter when I find an item by a designer whose work I feel can be created into a beautyful art piece. I feel my flickr is a testament to the beauty I have found. Agnes Finney's dresses and gowns are my favorite dresses to create with because of their elegance, dream worthiness and touches of whimsy.

After all, what is Second Life but a world filled with dreams and whimsy? When I was in this contest before, I knew adwork, not modeling, but now, I have trained as model at MVW and MBMA and would consider this an honor to show others the beauty I find in your store. I think I should note, that even if I were to be considered a princess, it would not stop my work with these gowns. I move slowly because I feel the davil is in the details, but I am currently in the planning stages of two more Agnes Finney photos.