Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dazzling Queen Melissa Lace Collection @ My Precious

Agnes Finney's Queen Melissa is defintely an exquisite gown for every woman. It is a gorgeous design for women who love to reveal elegantly. The top features some detailed thin gold lace covering your breasts nicely without showing too much. The little gold butterflies at the front accent the femininity of the design. The whole look becomes complete with the Elizabeth hair by *Lyrique* Hats and Hair.

It comes with three styles. Queen Melissa 1 features a super flowy skirt with a delicious cut on the right side. An ideal dress for more confident beauties.

Queen Melissa 2 is anther kind of sexiness. There are some layers of lace starting at the waistline and flowing along your beautiful right leg. It feels so great when you move with the flowing lace.

Melissa 3 is absolutely great for cocktail parties.

Aphrodite crown and jewelry by Alienbear's Design