Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Official announcement of New Membership Policy

As all of you know, we value our customers and have created different member-benefits for them since My Precious was born. As announced in mid-July, starting from August, we have an entirely new membership policy hoping to suit different needs and giving you more enjoyable experience at My Precious.

We understand each of your group space is limited, so we set up 'My Precoius Updates Group'. It does not take any group space and still keeps you informed about news at My Precious. You'll get monthly member-exclusive dresses and news of discounts, events and shows.

For any supporters who are willing to reserve a space for us, we have established a My Precious VIP Group (Title: Agnes Finney - To My Precious). Members will keep posted about happenings at My Precious and special dress and MORE benefits than Update Group members will be offered. Enrolment fee will be required in order to join this group.

Details are available at the mainstore. We may revise and update the details for your benefits at any time. If there are any consistency issues, the in-world version prevails.

Please contact Will Finney by notecard for queries about the store policy.

Dresses for our VIPs. More will be added: