Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Precious Queen--Janina Scarmon (Summer Ad)

It has been nearly half a year in which Janina works as a representative of us. Thanks Janina for being an elegant and beautiful Queen. Everyone is so impressed by her professionalism as a My Precious Model showcasing our designs at best.

Our Semi final is to be held in early July. We will be selecting 6 finalists out of 16 MP Royal Princesses from January to June. Winners will be awarded an honourable voucher by AVENUE Modelling Academy. There are 8 more days to go before our June Princess Selection ends. Send us your entries to Agnes Finney directly before 18th June, midnight.

We look forward to your great pictures. :)

Winners of previous months:

January: Aija Winterwolf, Liliya Avedor

February: Vitality Lollipop, Jasmine Loening, Katherine Comet

March: Arkaine Cazalet, EnchantedDreams Debb, Anaya Mai

April: Ladykath Avon, Serene Faith, Genevieve Kamala

May: Pure Nikolaid, Amerique Silverspar