Monday, December 28, 2009

MP 2nd Anniversary Dress--MP Butterfly Princess.
Can't think of a word to express my gratitude towards all of you, my friends, my staff and my members.
It has been two years since I have My Precious. Thinking back, my first store was in the previous Blue fusion Club with 4 items only. A lady saw the dress I made and asked to buy it. This was how I got my first sale. Later on, I got my first mainstore in Jades Jazz Club. Yes, I still hadn't got my land yet but just a store in the club. After some consideration, I bought my first piece of land in Plush Iota. I really had great fun there. After about a year, I finally decided to move to a larger place called Plush Mega. During that nine months, I kept adding more land to my store and from a 486 prim store to 1800+ prim. It was so exciting to see my store grew. Just to satify my creating desire, I moved again to a quater sim, Plush Delta. It was one of the best places I saw in SL. My store got two sides of stunning seaview. Yes, it was a dream store of mine.
However, the club next to me kept causing lag, and because of a little issue, I made a big decision for my store: I couldn't get peace unless I owned my kingdom----Agnes Finney sim. It is not only a dream store to me. It's my paradise.
Some drama happened when I thought I was being lucky. I felt hurt but I learned some very good lessons--"Friends in need are friends indeed." Thanks Will Finney, Lynn Stardust, Alienbear Gupte, Mui Mukerji and many more. They have been a big support to me and my store. Thank you very much.
Come to the store and pick this 2nd Anniversary dress--My Butterfly Princess. Hope you will like it and keep supporting us.