Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Precious Princess April 09

Thanks for being My Precious Princess for such a long time :-). Starting from April, I'd like to invite one of the princesses to feature one of my outfits in the coming month.

1. Who can apply?
--If you are a member of My Precious Group
--If you have made ANY purchases of my outfits in Feb /March in the mainstore or any outlets (Please provide the transaction record for reference. If you have made more than one purchases, just copy and paste any one item to me. )

2. How to apply?
--Send me a notecard with the title: My Princess April + your full name
--In your notecard, include:
(a) your best close-up snapshot showing the upper half of the body (Full permission please.)
(b) Record showing the purchasing date and time in February / March.
--Drag me the notecard on or before 31st March.

3. Once you are selected, you'll be awarded a 200L gift cert and be invited to model an outfit to be released in April. Your picture will be put in the mainstore throughout the year.
4. For quiries, please send a notecard to me or Will Finney. (With title pls)